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  • Brand Construction

    Easynai Net has already had over 1000 refractory suppliers and buyers on the platform, and is cultivating a new batch of stable market partners. The construction of the market band is implemented strictly under the market development policy. As long as you have demand, Easynai Net will provide the best product and the fastest service. In order to facilitate international refractory enterprises cooperation, Easynai Net will take the initiative to promote the market and establish sales center in foreign countries according to the current market situation and future trend.

  • Production And Processing

    Easynai Net builds the corresponding quality management system to provide excellent service for online enterprise through cooperating with National Accreditation Laboratory. Originated from the development orientation of its own brand operation, Easynai Net puts more emphasis on the quality. In order to dispel the worries of the customers, the processing enterprises cooperated with the platform must strictly implement the raw material inspection, process inspection and factory inspection to put an end to the quality problem to the maximum.

  • Technical Service

    Based on its brand influence, Easynai Net communicate and cooperate with Wuhan University of Science and Technology and University of Science and Technology Beijing to promote the application of new materials in domestic market. In the international market, Easynai Net provide a platform on which the domestic and foreign customers can communicate and discuss technical issues.

  • Supply of Raw Materials

    Easynai Net gets the favor and recognition of the refractory raw materials manufacturers through the “honest and efficient, safe and convenient” service concept. It has strict requirements in the delivery time and quality to ensure the timely arrival of raw materials and product quality.at the same time, Easynai Net rates raw material supplier’s quality and credit according to the feedback of the refractory corporation to make it more convenient for users to select quality supplier.

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